• All children, regardless of background, have the right to equal and quality education.

We are Berättarministeriet

Who we are

Berättarministeriet is a non-profit and non-partisan foundation working to make Sweden a country where all children and youth master the written word and have the means to actively participate in society. We run creative and story based educational centres in socioeconomically under-privileged areas with a focus on children aged 8-11, which are critical years in a child’s language development. To extend our reach, we support and equip teachers with learning methodologies and educational programmes, through which creative methods encourages students to conquer the written word, regardless of their knowledge level. The programmes are anchored in the curriculum and work as an interdisciplinary support for teachers. Our work is supported by a collaborative model where resources from the public, private and civic sector combine to ensure Berättarministeriet’s long-term development and quality.

What we do

All our programmes begin in one of our educational centres where our co-workers, volunteers, physical spaces and props lays the foundation for a story around “editor Schwartz” and “the publishing house Berättarministeriet”.

Through a methodical and continuous evaluation of each programme by each participating teacher, we ensure that we create the intended impact and effect towards our goal.

Get involved

Cooperate for a Sweden where all children and young people master the written word.

Swedish school are declining by international comparisons, while society is becoming increasingly segregated and polarised. Can your company be part of the solution?

As a company there are many ways you can collaborate with us to build a Sweden where all children and young people are comfortable with the written word and have the opportunity to actively participate in community life; from one-off payments to long-term close partnerships regarding expertise, financial resources or volunteering.

Financial resources and grants

Through financial means your company can help ensure that Berättarministeriet can continue working for as long as needed. The longer the commitment, the more we can focus on our goal.

We categorise financial support in four different levels depending on scope and long-term perspective.

Pro-bono partnerskap

Our business is constantly evolving and we are always in need of new expertise in a variety of areas. Through a pro bono partnership, your company can contribute to this development in a concrete way by giving us access to your skills and time.

For more information, contact Dilsa Demirbag Sten, [email protected]


Our volunteers are tasked with becoming adult role models to children, beyond their teachers and parents. This plays a vital role in our ability to inspire, strengthen and support children in conquering the written word.

Offer and encourage your employees to engage as volunteers with us during working hours. Being a volunteer at Berättarministeriet requires no prior knowledge.

For more information, contact Dilsa Demirbag Sten, [email protected]

More about finacial resources and grants

Through liquid assets, your company can help ensure that Berättarministeriet can continue working on our mission for as long as is needed. The longer the commitment, the more we can focus on our purpose. In return we can offer diplomas, digital and printed material, lectures and workshops etc.

We have four different levels depending on the amount of support.
For more information, please contact the Secretary-General of Berättarministeriet Dilsa Demirbag-Sten at [email protected]

Key Partnership

As a key partner, your company contributes with a long-term commitment for a period of at least three years, enabling a significant and sustainable community effort on our part. You have a main role for Berättarministeriet and are considered a very close partner.


As a partner, your company contributes with a long-term commitment for a period of at least two years, and therefore becomes an important partner for our purpose, society and the areas in which we operate.

Friend company

As a friend company, you contribute for at least one year which, together with our partners and main partners, enables Berättarministeriet to continue to develop the organisation and provide support for children and teachers in socio-economically vulnerable areas.


Companies can also contribute with a gift of any amount to Berättarministeriet.

You can donate a contribution to our business through bankgiro: 5091-2773 or Swish Account: 1236158893. Remember to note your payment with ”Gift” and your company name.

"If you have time and feel that you want to make a difference, I think you should volunteer."

Mustafa Abedali Volunteer, Södertälje

The volunteers are crucial

The day-to-day activities of our education center are made possible by means of dedicated and well-trained volunteers. Thanks to our volunteers, we are able to provide the students with committed present adults and role models to look up to. The most important task of the volunteers is to meet the children, inspire them to write and make them believe in their own ability.

The board

The work of the board members is non-profit. The founders of Berättarministeriet are Sven Hagströmer, Robert Weil and Dilsa Demirbag-Sten.

Cecilia Nordström

Chairman Cecilia is a member of the Tällberg Foundation and Chairman of the Raoul Wallenberg Academy.

Anders Lago

Member Anders is now the union president of HSB and in his role as chairman of the municipal council in Södertälje he took part in starting Berättarministeriet’s first education center, in Södertälje.

Robert Weil

Member Robert is Chairman of the Board of Proventus and one of the founders of Berättarministeriet.

Finin Versteegh

Member Finin is a board member of Öhmangruppen and a volunteer at Berättarministeriet.

Jussi Karlgren

Member Jussi is adjunct professor of language technology at KTH and is the founder of the text analysis company Gavagai.