About Berättarministeriet

What is Berättarministeriet?

Berättarministeriet (Ministry of Storytelling), founded in 2011, is a non-profit, non-partisan foundation striving for a society where all children are confident with the written word. The backbone of an advanced liberal democracy is a well-functioning educational system that guarantees all children a good and equal education. Today, children’s study results are affected to a great extent by housing segregation and their parents’ or legal guardian’s socioeconomic status. Berättarministeriet offers support to schools in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas. Both our pedagogical framework and how we prioritize our support is based on research into how socioeconomic factors affect children´s education.

Berättarministeriet has a national public assignment for Swedish primary schools. Berättarministeriet is part of the International Youth Writing Community with over 50 other organizations worldwide who have been inspired by the 826 model.

Our mission

Our mission is to support teachers and their pupils in socioeconomically underprivileged primary schools by:

  • Serving as a supporting resource for teacher’s teaching and professional learning
  • Inspiring children to discover their confidence, imagination and potential through the power of their writing
  • Giving children access to engaged adults, beyond teachers and parents
  • Spreading the experience and knowledge from our method.

School programs

The common feature in all our activities is the aim of strengthening children’s language skills through storytelling as a pedagogical method in order to encourage and inspire learning, inventiveness and creativity. 

We offer free, creative, language-developing school programs, all based on storytelling.

The programs are primarily aimed at pupils/children in grades 2–6, they are in accordance with the elementary school curriculum and function as an interdisciplinary support for teachers. All our programs follow the same basic structure. Through a carefully crafted storytelling method, which animates the learning process, children are introduced to a problem that they are asked to solve.

Our school programs also offer pupils the possibility to interact with other democratic institutions, such as universities, public libraries and museums.

Berättarministeriet has a government mandate to spread its method to schools across Sweden. As a result, the school programs have been developed to be location-independent, and materials such as teacher guides and artifacts are sent to schools from a central distribution organisation. Our online pedagogical platform supplies teachers all over Sweden with additional material such as videos and digital guides, together with competence building material.

Professional learning

Berättarministeriet places great emphasis on teacher professional training. Our pedagogic team is available for support and offers learning conversations throughout the implementation of a school program. On our online pedagogical platform we offer a wide range of competence building materials that teachers can access whenever they need.

We arrange annual teacher conferences in four locations across the country, where speakers in relevant subjects share their expertise with hundreds of participating teachers. The conferences also provide ample opportunity for learning through collegial discussions.

An important part of our mission is to spread our gathered knowledge and experience, both regarding our pedagogic method and regarding the needs of socioeconomically disadvantaged schools through annual qualitative studies based on the OECD principles for evaluation.

Educational centers

The foundation has four educational centers: two in Stockholm, one in Gothenburg, and one in Malmö. All elementary schools in the designated areas are offered educational programs that aim to inspire children to – regardless of their previous level of knowledge – conquer the written language. Four days a week, classes attend school programs such as Editor Schwartz’s Book Publishing, The History Detectives, and The Mysterious Box, all led by Berättarministeriet’s educators with support from volunteers. The role of the volunteers is to see each child, and to inspire them by being responsive and engaged in their stories.

Impact and effects

Every semester, continuous evaluations are carried out, quantitatively and qualitatively, of completed programs with feedback from participating teachers, which leads to necessary adaptations and improvements. The evaluation process is led in collaboration with Ramboll Management Consulting based on the OECD’s evaluation criteria.

The quantitative evaluation is done through a survey that highlights the content and structure of the programs, and what results the teachers experience in the students’ performance. The quantitative goals for the competence development and support material are clear: That at least 85 percent of the participants recommend the programs to their colleagues and that at least 9 out of 10 participating teachers consider the programs to be effective support in their teaching.

The qualitative evaluation is done in the form of interviews and learning conversations. All participating teachers are invited to one or more learning conversations with one of Berättarministeriet’s education leaders. In addition, Ramboll conducts in-depth interviews with selected groups of teachers.

Since its inception in 2011, over 6,000 teachers have participated in the development and evaluation of Berättarministeriet’s programs to ensure that these meet the complex needs of schools and promote students’ language and knowledge development. That our support to the schools has the desired effect is confirmed in both the quantitative and the qualitative evaluations.


Berättarministeriet is funded by a three-sector collaboration model, with public funding from the Swedish National Agency for Education and the municipalities where our education centers are located. Our partners, such as companies and foundations, support us financially. Our pro bono-partners contribute with their time and expertise free-of-charge, so that the organization and staff can focus on the core operation; to support schoolchildren and their teachers. Our volunteers are an important part of our method and contribute through their strong engagement and time in our education centers.


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